Welcome to Harrell Ag Products

The Harrell family has been involved in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment since 1954. Over the years we have developed products to aid in every step of the farming process from plowing the ground to harvesting the crop.

In the late 50's, we introduced the 4 Row Vada Cultivator frame. In the 60's and 70's, we created a line of cotton and peanut transport equipment as well as on-the-farm crop drying equipment.

The 80's and 90's saw the introduction of the Cotton Module Builders, Boll Buggies, and the Module Feeder Systems. Harrell Ag Products was the first to offer an On-Land switch plow - an innovation still used today around the world.

The 2000's have brought many challenges and opportunities for Harrell Ag. Our newest products include the Crop Chopper and Cotton Stalk Puller as well as the latest innovation in land clearing - the Rock-N-Root Rake.

Today, Harrell Ag continues to make a significant impact in agriculture. We serve the farming community with innovative products, service, parts, and technical support that our customers deserve and expect.